[Casino] Cage Supervisor

Title:  [Casino] Cage Supervisor
Date:  Feb 21, 2024
Location:  Jeju

Recruitment Area

Position Details
Cage Supervisor
  • Managing each Cage Cashier
  • Managing all transactions complying with company policies and procedure
  • Assisting the cage cashier in coping with the difficulties of their jobs



  • Cage Supervisor experience and at least 3 years of Cage Cashier experience
  • Chinese or English language qualification required
  • Japanese or Korean preferred

Condition of Work

  • 3 Shifts work (5 days workweek)
  • Yearly Contract (The initial 1 Year employee contract and renewal available)
  • Korean National Insurance, Relocation Cost, Home Leave Benefit
  • Other benefits based on company’s bylaw

Working Area

- Jeju, South Korea

Contact Point



In case of false entry or intentional omission when applying for employment, the hiring may be cancelled.