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Labor Attorney

Title:  Labor Attorney
Date:  Jul 23, 2022
Location:  Jeju

Recruitment Area

Position Details
Labor Attorney

1. Task related to labor union / labor-management council

   - Reviewing and analyzing the contents of the collective agreement, suggesting alternatives

   - Participating in collective bargaining and responding to issues related to labor unions


  2. Task for Ministry of Labor/Labor Commission, etc.

   - Responding to complaints from the Ministry of Labor and the Labor Relations Commission


  3. Labor-related laws review and internal regulation management

   - Reviewing and responding to issues related to labor-related laws, such as the Labor Standards and the Labor Union Act

   - Reviewing and rearrangement of collective agreements, employment rules and personnel regulations



- More than 5 years of experience as a certified labor attorney
- Experience of working as an in-house labor attorney and a labor law firm (2 years or above)

- Hotel & Casino Industry working experience preferred

Condition of Work

- Weekdays working schedule, Pernament

Working Area

Jeju, South Korea

Contact Point


In case of false entry or intentional omission when applying for employment, the hiring may be cancelled.