Why Join Jeju Dream Tower

Join the Jeju Dream Tower dream team, where we value you as an individual
– Developing your career and future with the Dream Tower family.

This is not just a job BUT A CAREER
Various opportunities for advancement is available at every career level.
At Jeju Dream Tower, we offer training and new skills development across
multiple functions within the integrated complex. We want to grow together with you.

Grow with PURPOSE
Jeju Dream Tower is developed to disrupt the conventional and be a trend-setter. Be part of something bigger. Be part of the change and make a difference in the lives of those around you. We want you to love where you work, where you can also call your second home. We value integrity, humility, honesty and innovation. We respect each other and value work life balance – we work hard, but value rest and play. Grow with purpose with the Jeju Dream Tower family.

At Jeju Dream Tower, we want to foster a cohesive working environment for our international family from all walks of life and countries. We embrace all cultures, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, ages, abilities, perspectives and way of thinking. Everyone is different and we value you, as an individual, that will contribute to the overall growth and development of the company. We believe in a culture that empowers you to be your authentic self, be inspired every day for greatness, and care sincerely for your colleagues and guests.

Our COMMUNITY matters
Our purpose of care defines our practice of responsibility. We care for our environment and community, and wish to create positive impact for change and progress. By building strong communities and fostering sustainable practices, we are working together to create an environment in which people, nature and communities can thrive. We grow with purpose and wish to protect our environment for generations to come.